lunes, 29 de noviembre de 2010

the green leaves blog.

There are many benefits and harms no one, of course there will always beCritics of nature, which seek to pseudo-scientific argumentstry to convince us that what we need is artificial,shallow, complicated, GM, etc. But this is notso simple and natural as are the great truths ofhumanity, any question that we can find right answerin the observation of nature.
The benefits of a vegetarian diet are:
Is complete, because there are abundant proteins, carbohydrates, thefats, minerals, vitamins and water.Not produce rots in the gut, which prevents this importantcause of infection and toxemia.It's power strength and endurance, for its abundance of hydratescarbon (muscle fuel).Leave sufficient rest to the viscera, since not subjected to excessiveneutralizing toxic work, to which constrains the ingestion ofanimals.Avoid painful and unnecessary slaughter of animals. FoodVegetarian is the physical basis of pure thought and passion Domaincharity of spirit.

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  1. Congratulations for your topic in the blog because many people enjoy eating meat but do not think before that meat was an animal that breathed and lived like us, just tell them they have my Apollo in this cause and hopefully all the people aware As the animals are alive.
    I leave you are well.